Monday, May 17, 2010

69% of US Elementary Children who Study a Foreign Language Study Spanish

That's right! French is a distant second, capturing 18% of the elementary students who study a foreign language.

We found an exciting line of Spanish edutainment products (for ages 3-8) that will help keep your child on track through the summer months while providing hours of fun.

Los niƱos might not even realize they're learning.

The line includes the Smart Projector (shown left), Alphabet Cards (on a flip handle -- perfect for travel and road trips), Crossword Blocks (a large block crossword puzzle/game), Spellable (a bilingual puzzle card game that teaches the alphabet and three letter words), and an Animal Puzzle (to help the little ones learn the names of animals and objects in English and Spanish).

The line is fun, durable, safe and affordable -- with three of our products under $8. The electronic Smart Projector is $24.95.

Ingenio is the first bilingual educational toys and games brand in the USA. Their toys and games foster bilingual learning at an early age through hands-on learning techniques -- we love them.

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