Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry on Biracial Parenting and Racial Literacy (8/11/13)

On Sunday’s episode of Melissa Harris Perry, a panel of mothers joined the show to talk about their experiences with parenting across racial lines. As difficult as it is to raise children in America and to ensure that they have access to what they need to grow into healthy, successful adults, when your child is of a different race, extra challenges cannot be avoided.

As Harris-Perry and Rachel Garlinghouse, a mother of three African-American children, discussed, simply caring for and styling your child’s hair starts out foreign and difficult. And, as Garlinghouse described, strangers feel perfectly at ease walking up to and touching her children out of curiosity.

The full panel, Garlinghouse, Tracy Robinson-Wood, Rachel Noerdlinger, and Shanna Smith, tried to answer the question: How do you adequately support your child to stand up against such inappropriate treatment when you don’t have those experiences? Recognizing your limitations and being open to communication are both essential to developing, and teaching, what Tracy Robinson-Wood, a professor at Northeastern University called “racial literacy.” See full episode here.

Rachel Garlinghouse' new book, Come Rain or Come Shine: A White Parent's Guide to Adopting and Parenting Black Children, a transracial adoption primer for White parents of Black children, is available at 4kidslikeme.com.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grandma's Girl (Lullaby Lettie) Joins the 4 Kids Like Me Family

Lullaby Lettie, also called Grandma’s Girl is an educational doll that stands 15 inches tall.  She is the perfect doll for any child to have as a best friend.  She is a cushiony, plush doll that makes a great addition to any doll collection. 

Grandma’sGirl has a fabulous Afro puffs hairstyle and her facial features are all carefully embroided.  This talking doll can teach your child so many different things. She is great at quoting all those wonderful things that Grandma says.  In addition, she can teach your child manners, numbers and how to sing songs. 

This talking black doll is perfect for infants to preschool aged children.  All your child needs to do to get Lettie to talk and teach is to press her hands or her feet.  It is that simple. Your child will be entertained for hours. She also makes the best nighttime companion. This beautiful talking African American doll says over 20 different sayings.

The LullabyLettie Grandma’s Girl doll is the perfect
learning doll and gift to bring home to your little one.  You will not be disappointed and neither will your little loved one. Check them out today, so you don’t miss out on this great learning tool and new friend for your preschooler. The parent review board at 4 Kids Like Me gave Lullaby Lettie Grandma’s Girl Doll 4 out of 5 stars.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get Your FREE Michelle Obama Official 2013 White House Portrait (No Purchase Required)

You asked, we obliged. We're celebrating Women's History Month in grand style!!! We are giving away Michelle Obama's new 2013 Official White House portrait. Bangs and pearls, you go Mrs. O. This full-color wall poster [11"W x 18"H] of Michelle Obama, America's First Lady is printed on poster stock and shipped rolled in a tube or flat. This regal poster should be in every girl's bedroom and in every classroom - as a source of inspiration to girls everywhere. A larger 18" x 24" Michelle Obama wall poster is also available.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Study: Black Students Who Are Taught Racial Pride Do Better In School

Remember how good you felt when Black History Month rolled around and you finally got to learn and talk about significant African American historical figures in school? Well, according to new research published in the Journal of Child Development, affirming a black child’s desire to learn about their race does more than just give them a personal boost, it helps them academically as well.

The study, conducted by Ming-Te Wang and James P. Huguley of the University of Pittsburg and Harvard University respectively, found that “racial socialization”—teaching kids about their culture and involving them in activities that promote racial pride and connection—helps to offset the discrimination and racial prejudices children face by the outside world.
Wang explains:
“Our findings challenge the notion that ‘race blindness’ is a universally ideal parenting approach, especially since previous research has shown that racially conscious parenting strategies at either extreme—either ‘race blindness’ or promoting mistrust of other races—are associated with negative outcomes for African American youth.
“When African American parents instill a proud, informed, and sober perspective of race in their sons and daughters, these children are more likely to experience increased academic success.”
Read complete story here.

Reprint from Bet.com, 01/29/13

Commentary: Black Kids Like Science, Too

At a Silicon Valley science fair for African-American children, Black kids show their scientific expertise. It’s well known by now that many African-American schoolchildren lag when it comes to science and math education. In an article about the racial achievement gap from late 2010, The New York Times noted, “[O]nly 12 percent of black eighth-grade boys are proficient in math, compared with 44 percent of white boys.”

Some people think poverty is to blame for the achievement gap, though that’s not necessarily the case, as poor white boys generally perform as well as Black boys who aren’t poor. Others — racists — say that Blacks can’t do as well as whites in the fields of science and math because they’re biologically inferior. But a science fair in Silicon Valley is attempting to show that not only can Black children succeed in math and science, but that they’re wildly excited to show their skills to those requesting to see them. Read the entire article here.

Monday, January 21, 2013

FREE 2013 Official President Obama Poster (No Purchase Required)

New 2013 Official White House portrait featuring a smiling full-Color wall poster of President Barack Obama. This full-color President Barack Obama wall poster is printed on heavy-weight poster stock and shipped rolled in a tube. This regal poster should be in every child's bedroom, every classroom, every business and home - as a source of inspiration to all. Use checkout code: OBAMA for FREE offer.

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