Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Been A While

We have been traveling, ordering new products, going to toy and gift shows, and generally promoting DollsLikeMe.com nationwide. But we're back... in full force. Our little online shop is growing by leaps and bounds and I intend to just touch on a few new and upcoming products, promotions, and ideas (many from you). We've added an entire new boys section (the toys are great for girls too) featuring the Mighty World series of Asian, Black and Latino figures and their accessories. We've stocked the fireman, computer expert, K-9 policeman, foreman, and an interracial couple out on the town. Check them out - they're really, really cute, affordable, and designed for boys 3 - 10. We have added a "Going, Going, Gone" section featuring manufacturer discontinued toys. These are in stock in the numbers listed and once they're gone, they're gone. I suggest visiting the section often. One doll sold completely out in a couple of days after being listed.

We have receive 35 email messages requesting Southeast Asian and 107 requests for Islamic "dress up" dolls. We're happy to announce that we are developing our own off-the-shelf Islamic doll and are frantically scouring the planet for a Southeast Asian doll that we can offer. Bear with us. Both are priorities for DollsLikeMe.com After all, it was your input that started us on a mission to locate toys for boys and developing a baby gift section. We hear you and thanks for the input. The Lee Middleton play dolls are in and a couple of them sold out shortly after we stocked them. Lee Middleton is arguably one of the better dollmakers in the US - they certainly have a solid reputation for quality. The dolls are really cute too! Many new books on adoption and a few related to biracial children are en route. Check the book section regularly for new titles. On the subject of new, we have added a "What's New" section, at the request one of our regular customers. She thought we should have a way for regular site visitors to see the new stock without going through the entire site - which now has more than 300 items. Kudos to she who shall remain anonymous. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, please respond via this blog or write to us at info@dollslikeme.com

Until later.


Aint Nothing But A She-Thang said...

I too am very interested in an Islamic dressing doll...there are some on the market, but they are like Barbie with longer clothings.Im looking for more 'innocent' baby looking dolls, perferbaly handmade looking. Something like 'cabbage kids' dolls, but not necessary just like them..
Also I have yet to check you website, but Im interested in handmade puppets as well in different cultures.
Thanks for listening..

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