Sunday, April 23, 2006

Check Out Barbara, Our Newest Family Member

While strolling through the mall last weekend, I saw the most adorable little copperheaded girl dragging the cutest doll behind her. What caught my attention was her Mom telling her that "Barbara might get hurt or dirty if you keep letting her feet drag on the floor. Would you like me to carry her in my bag?" I didn't hear the little girl's response, but when I turned to see who Barbara was, I was immediately smitten. As I say on her new catalog page, you will be too. Barbara is huge (well over 22" tall), soft, very plush, and infinately lovable. Barbara is an import who has just arrived at our warehouse. She is washable, comes in a much smaller version (for newborn - 36 months), is also available in plastic with a "pull-back" activity scooter, and has an equally adorable partner, "Michael."

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Anonymous said...

you guys ROCK!



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