Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Native American Doll

Finally she's here! After searching for many, many months (throughout the toy industry) we've found the Native American doll that you've been waiting for.

Cathy, from Corolle, is the newest addition to the family. Standing 13" tall with long jet black straight hair, a warm skin tone and indigenous features, she more closely resembles the Native American people than any other doll currently on the market.

Not only is Cathy a perfect gift for young Native American girls -- as she represents the culture of the first indigenous Americans -- she is also the perfect gift for all young girls. Cathy is a wonderful choice to be added to a young girl's doll collection by parents who are highly aware and sensitive to the importance of teaching tolerance, understanding and acceptance to their young daughters.

Cathy, along with all of the family of toys, represents another opportunity for parents to expand their daughter's cultural quotient, while teaching that beauty comes in a myriad of colors and various shapes, sizes and nationalities. You're going to love adding Cathy to your child's collection.

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