Monday, March 20, 2006

New Products & Services, What's On Sale, and A Special Note from a Friend

Whew....It's been a while and we have been busy, busy, busy. First, there are several new toys coming soon, including a long awaited series of figures for boys of color, "Mighty World." Look for them in the next couple of weeks. The multicultural Groovy Girls are also on the way. We are still holding fast to a commitment to our own set of family values - which (for us) equates to not carrying "slut" dolls for little girls. If that's really what you want, they're available at your neighborhood super or toy store.

Currently, we have two sales running - both end March 31. There is a shipping sale ($2 each) on Baby Bottoms Dolls (without potty) and a 20% discount on all imported (organic) Furnis Spiewelt dolls and accessories (Black Tina and Jabari along with the Latina doll, Maya (shown), the doll carrier/wardrobe, and clothing to fit all three. All are available while supplies last.

We have added offline purchasing capabilities for those who are still not comfortable entering their credit card information online (we heard from you that there are still a few holdouts) - you can now order by telephone, FAX, or mail. Details and order forms are available on our Website. Eight new sales consultants have joined and they are ready and eager to answer your questions and take your orders. Their names and contact information are available on the Website.

Several organizations have written to us for donations and we have begun to give back in many ways. We've donated dolls for charity auctions, to homeless shelters, and to hospitals for terminally ill children. We don't yet have the resources to help as many as we would like to help. But we do what we can.

We will be adding a line of quality baby dolls soon too. They should be in by May.

Thanks for the encouraging emails and letters. It feels really good to hear that we are on the right track. Here's a note we received from Andrea in Detroit:

"Thank you Dolls Like Me. Every time a birthday or holiday rolled around, we would cringe because family members would always send our biracial daughter white dolls. When she started to say that she wanted to be pretty like the dolls, we put our foot down - no more dolls that don't look like Ashley. My mother, my sister, and my aunts all wanted to know where to shop. My mother refused to buy the "Vegas strip girls" all the stores were carrying (you know, the ***** dolls). Now we have Dolls Like Me. You have no idea how needed this website is. In case we do not say it often enough, we all appreciate you and your entire team. P.S. Shopping was a breeze and we love your selection. Andrea *******"

Thank you Andrea. We work really hard to find quality dolls for children of color and we will continue to do so.

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