Tuesday, January 17, 2006

January Update: New Video, New Dolls and "Hot" Baby Tee Shirt

New Children's Video Series
Ever wonder if any of your favorite television characters do anything worthwhile after a long run on a successful TV series? Well Karyn Parsons (Hillary of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) has formed a new company that creates educational videos for children. The company, aptly named Sweet Blackberry, has released it's first animated DVD. It's a wonderful, uplifting tale of the slave Henry "Box" Brown who shipped himself to freedom in a box. Alfrie Woodard narrates. Of course, it is available at DollsLikeMe.com. Sweet Blackberry plans to bring several legends to the small screen, each narrated by a famous actor from film, television or stage. We'll let you know when a new one arrives. The videos are aimed at 4 - 8 year-olds and should be part of every classroom and home library. DollsLikeMe.com gives it our 5 Star rating. I particularly love the music.

New Dolls Coming Soon
On another note, look for us to add several new dolls in the coming weeks - including two beautiful play babies from Lee Middleton. I was really impressed by their quality. I only wish they had a better selection for children of color. It would be really great if there were a Native American baby available.

"Hot" New Baby Tee

Not for the faint at heart, this outrageous, downright outspoken baby tee is a miniature version of the one worn by Alicia Keys in Rolling Stone magazine. It's creator, Buttaflyunltd, says that they design clothes that "inspire those who wear the designs to love themselves and be proud of who they are." We think that's a highly appropriate sentiment for DollsLikeMe.com kids. Versions for adults and older children are available at Buttaflyunltd.com. Look for more cool stuff for multi-ethnic children in the coming months.

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